Create Storage Symmetry


It’s smarter to configure a space to you, than reconfiguring yourself to a space. In every stage of production, Serenade cabinets are designed to work the way you do, in perfect harmony with your body’s natural ergonomics.

Less is more

Frameless cabinetry lives in the “less is more” space. By taking out the lips and edges in your cabinets, you get more clearance. More clearance means less funky angles to fit in your air-fryers and insta-cookers, and easier access to the tools you need. Regardless of the style doors you pick, your kitchen is in perfect symmetry to your storage needs.

With a schedule that’s impromptu at best, you deserve accessories as flexible as your calendar. S.A.T. study snacks, hors d’oeuvres with friends, or last-minute lake-day lunches come together with ease in a Serenade kitchen.

When the conversation comes this easily, you need a space with storage just as natural. Always be a part of the conversation when hosting with storage perfect for an open concept layout.

With a right place for everything and no wrong way to work a recipe, your organized area helps you remember why you fell in love with culinary creations in the first place.

Measuring, mixing, and making can be all-hands-on- deck, without meaning all-tools-on-counter, using storage solutions that work smarter—not harder.