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Pull-out knife block and canister

After drinks, use this full-out for all your knives, and keep them looking sharp—just like the rest of your design. With utensil canisters as well, have confidence you can handle any cooking request with ease.

Pegboard Organizer

Custom frameless design deserves customizable options fit for modern life. Choose what fits where when the dishes are done, and it’s time to pack it in.

Lift-up appliance cabinet

The pieces that get a dinner party started are heavy. Keep them in a space that’s as accessible as it is hidden, yet ready at a mojito’s notice. When you’re done, close the door, and keep your home looking as good as when friends arrived.

Vertical lift & bi-fold vertical lift

Open the doors to storage and raise your expectations. No more doors slamming, and an increase in visibility makes your space stylish and sensible.