High-fidelity farmhouse

Carving career paths, raising kids, even cookie-baking—you’ve got a full plate. Unwind in a relaxing space and tend to the day’s activities with comfortable farmhouse warmth. Shaker cabinets in a smooth Irish Crème warm the space with common- sense storage and open shelving. A family-sized island featuring Lewis doors in a deep Smoke finish gives a nod to furniture-style, providing a sturdy, stylish work surface. When it’s time to bake, thoughtful seating puts the whole family front row for taste-tests. Dial in on Farmhouse flare with decorative island legs, and unify the space by picking a matching finish for the hood as well.

Easton in Irish Crème Classic on paint grade and Lewis in Smoke on cherry (kitchen)
Oda in Frappe Classic on paint grade (boot bench)
Anton woodgrain thermofoil Seria (laundry)